What you may want to know about türchen.com:

Is this just a new advent calendar? What is great about türchen.com?

The idea of an advent calendar is nothing new. You start at one and count until you're sitting under the Christmas tree. The additional feature at türchen.com is - you do not necessarily have to count until Christmas Eve. How about a birthday countdown or counting days until the vacation with your sweetheart? Besides, there is also Easter, Halloween and Christopher-Street-day! It's your choice, how many days the calendar covers - a maximum of 31 days is possible.

Is the Türchen-calendar really for free?

Indeed, türchen.com is and remains free. To ensure this, we place some advertising in the Türchen because we don't live by love alone, too. If you do not want advertising in your calendar, you can pay 1,99€ to have a calendar free of ads, no matter how often you share it. To buy a calendar ad-free, you have to take a look at your calendar (not in your edit-window!) and scroll to the end of the page. There you'll find a button which says "Remove ads for only 1,99€", which leads you into the paying process via PayPal.

Is it possible to share my calendar on Facebook?

Yes, just insert the link to your calendar on Facebook. You can also share individual Türchen. It's even easier to use the buttons in the Türchen calendar for sharing. And there is not only Facebook but also Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

What can I hide in a Türchen?

Let your imagination run wild! Videos, GIFs, images or just text - either from the Internet or created by yourself. You can upload your own images directly. Upload your own videos to Youtube and set the publishing references to 'not listed'. Have a look at the instructions: upload videos on YouTube. After that, you can simply copy the link of your video in your Türchen.

But be careful with private content - think carefully about which images you upload of yourself, your friends or your family, because at least on paper the calendars are public.

Now half of the Türchen are filled, but some are missing. Do you have any idea?

For sure! There is the wonderful function 'automatically fill'. This will fill all empty Türchen with the current theme. Of course, you can change all Türchen again.

There is also the option to fill the Türchen step by step, because the presentee is only allowed to open one Türchen per day.

I am nearly ready, but I have to go! Can I edit the calendar later?

That's absolutely no problem. If something unexpected happens to you, just save the URL from the address bar. If you retrieve this, you always get the current status of your calendar displayed and you can continue to work on it at any time. You do not have to finish the calendar before you share it. It is enough to fill the 24th Türchen on the 23rd day.

Can I use the calendar in my online-shop?

Sure! But for commercial use you have to buy the Business-Türchen.

I have discovered a calendar that is filled with marginal (e.g. racist) content. Is there a possibility to report this?

Yes, absolutely! You can use the 'report' button to alert us, whenever a calendar does not meet our guidelines or attacks you personally.

My calendar is only for my girlfriend and me! Is that possible?

Yes, sure, but we have to explain something. For your calendar there are two important links. One only for you, to edit the calendar. It looks like this:


You should not share this link.

With the other link, it's possible to have a look at the calendar and open the Türchen. This one looks like this:


So you only have to pay attention on who receives the link from you or how you share it. But beware, everyone who has the link can see the content. Thus, your girlfriend could post it on Facebook publically or share it with other people - and the private party is over. Therefore consider especially well, if and which private images you upload.