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All you want for Christmas is …

... sparkling brand engagement?

... a holly-jolly product launch?

... making your audience merry?

All in one - with your own business countdown calendar!

Magic features of our Christmas calendar

Just take a look into our preview calendar and find our what Türchen has put under the tree. Your calendar can easily be adjusted to the needs and Christmas design of your business. Start the demo version now!

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Commercial use for six months.


Integration and linking of your own company logo.

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Create an individual URL (for example,


Integrate your own Google Analytics ID.

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Choose your URL and test your calendar for free - try it out and
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Frequently asked questions

What payment methods are available?

You can pay for the Türchen business calendar by PayPal or purchase on account. In any case, you will receive an invoice by e-mail within one week after purchase.

How do I buy my calendar?

In order to buy a calendar, click on one of the "Test now for free"-buttons above. After that, you simply enter your chosen URL and, with a click on "Create calendar", you can already begin to design and fill your Türchen. You can then pay for your calendar within your 10-day trial period. While editing there is a button in the upper right corner which says "Save & pay". When you click it, a pop-up pops up and you can hit the button "Buy now". After that you'll be guided through the payment process. After paying you can of course change your calender as often as you like or fill it with more content.

Where are my data located? Are they safe?

Of course - the security of your data is our concern. That's why Türchen is hosted in a German data processing centre, which means that your data is subject to good old German data protection. We also hedge the traffic additionally with an SSL certificate on our website.  

What are the options for creating a business calendar?

Of course the business calendar has all the features of the free version available. Besides that, you can upload images for the calendar interface, as well as content for the individual Türchen, integrate your own logo and add your own link to your website or shop to each Türchen. The business calendar can be completely adapted to your corporate design.

Which content is possible in the Türchen?

You can hide in the Türchen whatever you want! Either you surprise your customers or employees with beautiful texts, images or funny videos, or you fill the Türchen with an individual link, which refers, for example, to a competition. In addition, it is possible to organize surveys or to integrate competition questions.

How does the survey-option work?

As a company, you can hide competition questions or surveys in the Türchen. You create the individual response possibilities and in case of competitions, you specify the right answer. On the following day, the result is released in your calendar. You can also host surveys. These results remain secret.

How can I raffle something with the survey-option?

To participate, users must provide their e-mail address. You use these addresses to make the draw. It's up to you, which scheme you use - maybe the user wins who has the most right answers after opening all Türchen or maybe you raffle something every day. The draw is your business and happens off the calendar, so you contact the winner personally.

How do I get the e-mail addresses?

Once the first user has participated in a competition or survey, you can download and evaluate all participant data as an excel file using the 'edit'-link of your calendar. You'll find a button saying "download subscriber data" in your pro settings.

How can I format the entered text?

To design your text, we offer you the common formatting tools like Bold & Italic, lists and paragraph formats.

Which rights do I receive by purchasing the business calendar?

By purchasing the business calendar, you will be granted a six-month full commercial right to use the calendar you have purchased and to share the link without restriction (e.g. Facebook or your newsletter). After six months, the commercial right of usage automatically expires.

How can I publish the calendar on my website?

The calendar can easily be integrated into your website via iFrame.

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”1340” name=”ihr _kalender”></iframe>

How can I get an overview of who really uses my calendar or how many users access it?

You can add an ID from Google Analytics to your Türchen calendar to collect statistical data for your calendar.

Is it possible to publish the calendar on my Facebook page?

Sure! You can integrate your calendar in your facebook page at any time. Though there's one restriction: Facebook only activates this feature for pages with at least 2.000 likes. Nevertheless you can of course share your advent calendar on all your social media. This way none of your followers will miss out on it!

Is Türchen compliant to the GDPR?

Of course! Your data is in safe hands with We host on German servers, attach great importance to an adequate encryption and collect as little data as possible. In order to operate our calendars in terms of the GDPR, here you will find an agreement for order data processing (in german language). Fill in your data (pages 1 and 7) and send the form signed and scanned to You will then receive a copy signed by us in return.