The idea & people behind Türchen

Sure, a self-made advent calendar with chocolate and gingerbread from mom is super sweet. But what do you do if you have absolutely no craft talent, but are good in programming? Correct: you craft your girlfriend's own online advent calendar and fill it with 24 videos of cute kittens. What a fantastic idea!

And so, thanks to Tobias, the grandiose plan for a christmas calendar was created that you can create on our website, fill with images, videos and gifs and send it online!

In our digital agency in Aschaffenburg we took this idea further and have thus created an online tool which will give you creative space for advent calendar ideas and will beautify the pre-christmas season!

Even more Türchen

The fun does not end with advent calendars. We are already working on more ideas on how it can be used. The possibility to create a calendar at any time and for individual periods already exists. Just use your imagination!